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Terran Declaration

"We came here in peace, with the dream of exploration. Through the strength and unity of The Republic, we have reached and grasped the stars themselves. Only through the power of our collective will could we traverse the endless fathoms of the galaxy and find our new home. For the betterment of ALL mankind we have acheived mighty deeds. We have become like unto gods in our power and reach. Never before has the human race attained such glory, and it is all due to the loyalty of the Terran people. Yet there are those who think they have a "better" way. These terrorists -these usurpers of power- would destroy a way of life we've cherished for hundreds of years, and for what? Technology? Corporate profits? This self-styled "New Conglomerate" would destroy our democratic traditions, handing our way of life over to their corporate masters. They sells us oligarchy, and they call it "freedom." I name it what it is: Fascism! And even worse- these so-called "Vanu." They seek not only to destroy our civilization, but our very humanity! They claim these alien artifacts to be the key to the future. But whose future? Toying with technologies beyond their understanding, they risk our very existence for some theological insanity! For too long we have allowed these destroyers of a peaceful, stable republic to fester and grow like a cancer. For too long have our our beliefs, our homes and our own children fallen victim to their radical, destructive ways. I stand before you and I say, NO MORE! Today we stand. Today we fight. Today we show these blights upon humanity what they have feared in their dark hearts all along... The Republic will never stop. The Republic will never surrender. We will fight and die until every single one of them is wiped from the face of Auraxis forever. When we claim blood and honor, we MEAN blood and honor!! From today until the last day, The Terran Republic will Fight, and we will win! Loyalty Until Death!" (roll the armor boys, before they see us coming.)

Übersetzung folgt ;)


Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 ist ein deutsch/englisches Planetside2 Outfit, welches auf dem Server "Briggs" zu Hause ist. Zusammen mit unseren Kammeraden von unserem Bündnispartner P1sA kämfen wir hier Seite an Seite!

Wir kämpfen für die Terransiche Republik für ein freies AURAXIS

Wenn du ein Outfit suchst bei dem Zusammenhalt und Teamplay groß geschrieben wird und dazu noch aktiv und mindestens 16 Jahre alt bist, dann bist Du bei uns herzlich Willkommen.

Selbstverständlich haben wir außerdem einen TS3 Raum, es wäre von Vorteil wenn Du deutschsprachig bist, dies ist jedoch kein MUSS




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